You want to think that politics and governance is all about

It wasn visibly injured and it wasn visibly in pain, it was just in deep shock and then it expired.» Mr Zinn said the BMW driver «wasa little shocked and upset, but. There was obviously nothing he could do. Deer are particularly fast and nimble.» The deer had earlier been sighted on busy Bondi Road, he said.»The question is, where did it come from?» A taxi driver who spotted the deer at 2am on Friday morningon MacPherson Street in Bronte suppliedFairfax Media with a video of his encounter.

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canadian goose jacket Oh yes, sorry but I have never read an MSM or MSN article in my entire life, so I am not part of your conspiracy theory, just a concerned citizen who thinks that everyone who voted for the Iraq war needs to be fired and probably tried for treason. If I was smart enough to see it was a stupid idea before the invasion (no WMD, not ties to Al Quada, no threat to the US, etc), then all of our politicians should have seen it too, period. You want to think that politics and governance is all about gentle people gently disagreeing with each other about matters of real substance. canadian goose jacket

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