Daniel leaving RBR? He said himself this week his mind was

Sumedha Fiscal Services Closure of Trading WindowThis is to inform you that in terms of Company’s Code of Conduct to Regulate, Monitor and Report Trading by Designated Persons read with SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015 and Cir.Sub: Reg. 30 Notice to Holders of Unclaimed Shares (FY 2019 20) Newspaper Notice This is further to our letter dated 20 Jun 19 in this connection. 23(9)]We enclose herewith disclosure of Related Party Transactions on consolidated basis for the period ended 31 Mar 19 pursuant to Regulation 23(9) of SEBI( Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements).With reference to significant movement in price, in order to ensure that investors have latest relevant information about the company and to inform the market so that the interest of the investors is.

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